Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BTC Formula Review: Is It Really a "Plug and Play" System to Make Money Online?

What is the "BTC Formula"?

Everyone is looking for an easy plug and play system to make money online... is it the BTC Formula?

This system is quite new, so this article is designed to give you all the facts about what it does and how it works...

If you've been looking for very long in search of a make money online system, then you no doubt have heard of Empower Network. I won't go into details here about this 100% commission payout system, except for these facts:

In a nutshell, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe came together in October 2011 with a mission to design a system to "empower" all people who dedicated to making money online. The 100% commission structure makes it a possible to make money online even on a part time basis.

But what does that have to do with the BTC formula?

Dave Wood's best friend, Chris Rocheleau, had been a member of Empower Network since the launch. However, surprisingly, Chris' expert knowledge in SEO did not make him an overnight success.

It wasn't until Chris teamed up with two people in his downline, Amy Starr Allen and Jordan Schultz, that Chris' success started to skyrocket. This is a lesson to him, Chris admits, that viral marketing as Dave teaches is really the way to go with something like this.

So the three team members put their heads together and designed a system and created their own website that helps people who are just starting out understand everything they need to know about online marketing. They call the team "Be The Change", or Team BTC for short.

Why "Be The Change"?

Because these three inspirational people are dedicated to providing value to their team in every way... not just providing the technicalities of online marketing, but they're really big on personal development with things like mindset and how to make the law of attraction work for you.

Everything from how to setup to your email auto-responder and your own capture pages to how to market on Facebook on a shoestring budget are included on the site.

And the BTC Formula? A Plug and Play System to make money online?

Nothing is "plug and play" without a little work and dedication. Obviously, this is a business and all businesses require time, money and effort. But it's the closest thing I've ever seen to "plug and play".

The "BTC formula" is designed for team members to help each other on Facebook and other forms of marketing, with the idea that there's strength in numbers. The Facebook team tags each other and helps promote other team members, and the co-op solo ad is another form of marketing that's ready to go.

And, for those people who don't have the money to put into paid marketing, they also teach free strategies.

Free? Like What?

The Team BTC "Hangouts" Help YOU Sell!

For example, the three started dedicating their Tuesday nights to live "team hangouts" online, where people can choose to click on their link and join the hangout live, and type in their own comments or questions.

Even though they're live on Tuesday nights, the site is stored in the form a video and can be re-accessed at any time until the next Tuesday when the video changes.

This is a cool free marketing tool for team members because the site is designed to include the members' ID at the end of the link, which gives commission credit to the team member who shares the link.

From time to time, other team members who also have graduated to the $10,000 per month or more level have been added to the Tuesday night hangout online. Their first addition was 22 year old Landon Stewart, who actually has his own Facebook pay-per-click training on the site.

And, just recently, my daughter, Angela Moore, has been on the last two hangouts. What do they talk about? Mostly inspirational stuff. I like to watch in parts every morning while I'm working out because it's a great way to start the day and really helps to give me a positive mindset.